History of BAFA Inc.

BAFA Inc. is honoured to be host of WAFA 2014-2017
The Barbados Association of Flower Arrangers (BAFA) was formed in 2002 as the national flower arranging body to foster participation in international events hosted by the World Association of Floral Artists. At its inception, it was an informal arrangement between the Barbados Flower Arranging Society and Barbados Flower Circle, two flower arranging clubs which had been in existence for over 30 years.

In 2012 there was a formal dissolution of the two clubs and BAFA INC became the single legal entity. The association is voluntary and not- for-profit and is governed by a properly constituted set of By-laws under the Barbados Companies Act Chapter 308.

Our tradition of horticulture is without doubt the basis for excellent performance of local flower arrangers in the international arena. Many of our members have excelled in international competitions gaining at one time or other gold, silver or bronze awards at international Floral Art competitions held by the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA), the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) of London, and Canada Blooms of Canada. In additional some of our members have participated in other non-competitive activities in the Caribbean, including flower shows, demonstrations and workshops.

At home in Barbados our members have all participated over the last 30 years in the competitive Annual Flower Shows and Exhibitions sponsored and staged by the Clubs – the Flower Arranging Society and The Flower Circle- and other Societies. In addition members have participated in the several flower festivals sponsored by Churches and other groups, like the National Cultural Foundation. The talents and skills of our members can also be seen at several national events here in Barbados sponsored by public and private sector organisations.

BAFA INC, like many of the flower arranging societies in the 31 countries that make up membership of the World Association (WAFA), aims to reinforce the bonds of friendship between the various members and provide a forum whereby members can exchange ideas and trends in flower arranging. The care and conservation of natural resources and the environment are also important considerations.

Barbados joins a number of countries including United Kingdom (twice), Belgium, France, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Pakistan and the United States of America who have previously hosted WAFA and have hosted A World Flower Arranging Show. These shows have attracted audiences in the thousands. Ireland was the host country for 2011-2014. A contingent of 45 persons attended the show in Dublin, Ireland – fifteen as competitors in the design competition, one person who performed as a judge and one person who was part of a team of international designers who presented a demonstration of Floral Art Designs.

BAFA as a member of the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA) submitted and won the bid to host WAFA for the period 2014-2017. As hosts, Barbados will be the headquarters of WAFA for the next three years and will be referred to as WAFA BARBADOS for this period.

BAFA Inc. is honoured to be host of WAFA 2014-2017 and looks forward to sharing amazing experiences with all our visitors and participants in our several events. In June 2015 Barbados hosted the Seminar “Road to Paradise” which was attended by selected representatives from member countries and  in June 2017 BAFA INC will host the 12th World Flower Show- “Flowers in Paradise”.