Message from the WAFA President

The WAFA Barbados Committee is pleased to welcome you to the 12th World Flower Show, "Flowers in Paradise". It  is also an added pleasure as this is the first time  the  World Show  is coming  to this region. We, together with some of our stakeholders and partners, have planned a number of activities to  introduce  you to the  characteristics of our Barbadian culture and heritage and natural beauty of our island home.
We invite you, through the demonstrations, floral art exhibits and competition, lectures and other social events to make this journey with us. We are sure that all of the competitors, designers and demonstrators will produce imaginative and spectacular designs that will energise all of our members to improve, nurture and encourage that special camaraderie that we all share as members of the International Floral Art Community as we get together for this the 12th International World Flower Show in Barbados.

A Very Warm Welcome!!! Something's Happening!!!
Mr. Maurice Webster, WAFA President

Mr. Maurice Webster, WAFA Barbados President

Message from the Show Chairman

We invite all our friends from around the world to journey to "Flowers in Paradise" in our beautiful island for an exciting and unforgettable experience.

The show committee has worked diligently to create a schedule which we now introduce to you and we hope will stimulate your creativity and produce an outstanding  collection of exhibits for the show.

Thank you for participating in this global event, we look forward to welcoming you all to Barbados in June 2017.

Rev. Dr. Wayne Ramsay, Show Chairman

Rev. Dr. Wayne Ramsay, WAFA Barbados Show Chairman